Matomo Career Profile

I am making a living based on Matomo Analytics projects since 2015. I worked for the Matomo team as a trainer and digital marketer from 2017 to 2019. I wrote the first book in French about Matomo Analytics back in 2011. I opened the FLOSS Marketing School project in 2019 in order to provide free education about Free software and Open Source Solutions to everyone. I am also associate professor at the faculty of Angers(France) in digital marketing. I am probably the most experienced trainer on earth about Matomo Analytics you can find out there. Why not discussing your project? Maybe I can help. If you want to hire me as a subcontractor for a training, feel free to print my Curriculm on the right.

Matomo Experiences

Matomo trainer and consultant

2019 - Present
On my own, Nantes(France)

I am working on my own. I am doing training and consultancy so as working in close relationships with Ozzi, a full team of 5 people who knows Matomo, Ozzi is a Swedish brand which belong to the Digitalist group.

Most of my clients are based outside of France.

Content Marketing Manager

2017 - 2019
Matomo(Innocraft), New Zealand(Though I was working remotely)

The projects I have been involved in were: training, GDPR, Matomo Tag Manager documentation, Partner program, sales, blog and newsletters.


2016 - 2017
On my own, Nantes

I spent two years developing a business model based on Matomo Analytics services.

Chief Digital Officer

2015 - 2016
Sensorwake, Nantes

I worked for one of the most hyped French startup for some months where I was in charge of setting all their digital infrastructure.

Webmarketing manager

2012 - 2015
Jymeo, Nantes

I worked for 3 years for a worldwide price comparison website group. I was in charge of defining the internationalization strategy and promote the price comparison websites accordingly. Though the company was using massively Google services, I kept learning and studying Matomo on my own and delivered trainings.

Webmarketing manager

2009 - 2012
inextcom, Nantes

I worked for 3 years for a web agency which was developing websites based on Free software technologies. This is where I learnt about Matomo Analytics, named Piwik at that time and where I started to make my first trainings and wrote my first documentations.

Matomo Projects

I am dealing with Matomo projects since 2010, here are below the main projects I had to handle so far.

On-site trainings - That's what I am used to do. I am flying to the end client and train within their companies their collaborators. For security reasons, I am not disclosing the names of the organizations I worked for(indeed most of them are using Matomo on their intranet), though I worked for the biggest ones you can ever imagine.
Remote trainings - When an on-site training is not possible then I am training remotely the company. Most of the time the training includes real-time consultancy. The client can record the full training in order to replay it afterwards.
Consulting - Some companies just have one single issue with Matomo. And they want a straight answer, as a result they can hire me just for this mission in order for me to help them.
Certification program - I designed in French, an alpha version of the Matomo certification program. The idea was to provide a list of questions as a quiz that people can attend and get a certification if they pass it.
Book - I wrote the first book about Matomo Analytics, at that time it was named Piwik. This book has been written in French.
French Matomo MOOC - I created the first Massive Open Online Course about Matomo Analytics in French with the help of a great non-profit organization named Zeste De Savoir.
English Matomo MOOC - This project is still on, it consists in providing Matomo education worldwidely by opening my university classes to everyone. It includes a lot of video tutorials.
White papers - In some cases, my clients ask me to write Matomo education guides for their teams.
Measurement plan - It consists in designing for them the Matomo measurement plan they would like to set on their infrastructure.

Matomo Skills and Proficiency



Web development

System and administration